One of the conference organisers is Ivan Haigh. In the last 15 years Ivan has worked on a wide range of projects in both industry and academia covering many different aspects of coastal oceanography, with a particular focus on sea-level rise and coastal flooding. After graduating from the University of Southampton in 2001, having studied oceanography and maths, I worked for 5 years as a numerical modelling consultant at ABP Marine Environmental Research. During this time I led several projects for the Environment Agency, looking at coastal flood risk along the UK south coast. I then undertook a PhD at the University of Southampton in Engineering and the Environment examining changes in sea-level rise, tides and extreme events around the UK. Following this I was a research assistant professor at the Oceans Institute at the University of Western Australia, primarily assessing past and potential future changes in sea level and variability around Australia and worldwide. In April 2012 I joined Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton as a lecturer in Coastal Oceanography, based at the prestigious National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.