Pietro is the Natural Hazard Expert at EDF R&D. He has been employed by EDF R&D since 2007 and leads the development of Natural Hazard activities at EDF Energy R&D UK Centre where he focuses on delivering innovative R&D and developing positive synergies on this domain at the International level of the EDF group. His PhD was on extreme rainfall events and his research interests focus on Natural Hazard (extreme weather, ocean hazard, hydrological risks, and climate change) impact characterization for energy infrastructure, in particular Nuclear and Hydroelectric EDF assets. He is co-author of more than 50 publications in international journal or conferences on these topics. He is involved in scientific networks and programmes dealing with Natural Hazard (PURE, ERIIP NERC) in the UK. He participated in, and took responsibility for, natural hazard projects across the EDF group, including ASAMPSA-E, European Project; DSIG project on Dam Safety, (CEATI); PURE (Probability, Uncertainty and Risk in the Environment) Knowledge Exchange Network and Research Programme, NERC; MADONE and ICE EDF R&D project.